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About Us

Ingersoll Products Inc. (Ingersoll) is a Plastic Injection Molder owned by Daniel McKenzie.

Our specialties beyond plastic injection molding are design and the productization of product concepts. Ingersoll builds innovative products with patent opportunities.

Ingersoll Products Inc. began as a family owned business established in the town of Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada in 1976. For many years, the company operated under the name of Ingersoll Plastics Inc. producing its own line of plastic drywall tools, drywall accessories and adhesive spreaders as well as providing custom molding for various customers. As the company began manufacturing an extensive range of products developed from materials other than plastic the transition was made to Ingersoll Products Inc.

At the present time we're focused on materials that cater not only for to the professional contractor but also for the 'Do-it-yourself'-er.

We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you.