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At Ingersoll Products Inc. we manufacture tools that will last a lifetime. From DIY'ers to Handymen, and from Contractors to Corporations - we have something for every one and always strive for the best quality products. 


New Products

Click below to see the latest developments from Ingersoll Products Inc. including our innovative "Mini". 

Fence Pixels.jpg

Fence Pixels

Fence Pixels are high-quality plastic pixels that connect to bring any design to life on a standard chain link fence.

Great for schools, sports teams, tournaments, birthdays, festivals, construction sites, commercial sales and any special occasion or event. Anywhere you want to enliven a chain link fence and bring your ideas to life. Fence Pixels come in 22 amazing colors.


The MudGun


the Mud Gun

Mud like a pro with the MudGun

The MudGun™ makes drywall jobs faster and cleaner for anyone, regardless of experience. Even DIY users can achieve a consistent, professional finish.


Drywall Tools & ACCESSORIES

A wide variety of sanding tools, plastic putty knives, steel drywall knives and scrapers - we have everything you need for your next project!

Our Kwik Change line changes easily from hand to pole sander with a push of a button. The handle on each tool clips in securely to do its required job, and with an ergonomic handle, and soft grip. These light weight, durable tools improve control and reduce fatigue making your next project even easier. The Kwik Change line is the best option for the new-to-d-i-y-er's. Simple, easy products that can work for any project, big or small. 

What are you waiting for? Check out our Pinterest for great ideas on how to use the Kwik Change tools for your next product, and click below to learn more about this line!