Ingersoll Products


At the present time we're focused on materials that cater not only for to the professional contractor but also for the 'Do-it-yourself'-er.


Mini Mastic

Bigger isn’t always better, too much tool for the job has become a problem. We focused on eliminating overkill that can be detrimental to affordability, productivity, and to the environment.


Fence Pixels

Fence Pixels are high-quality plastic pixels that connect to bring any design to life on a standard chain link fence.


Mud Gun

The MudGun™ makes drywall jobs faster and cleaner for anyone, regardless of experience. Even DIY users can achieve a consistent, professional finish.


Hand Sanders

Our Kwik Change line changes easily from hand to pole sander with a push of a button. The handle on each tool clips in securely to do its required job, and with an ergonomic handle, and soft grip.